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Course Archive

Below are .pdf files of course materials from prior classes.

University of Central Florida

POS 3703 Scope and Methods of Political Science

POS 4204 Political Behavior

PUP 3314 Minorities in American Politics

University of South Florida

POS 2112 State and Local Government and Politics

Syllabus     Exam     

POS 3713 Empirical Political Analysis

POS 3931 Special Topics: Political Psychology

Syllabus     Exam

POS 3931 Special Topics: Race & Politics

POS 4413 The American Presidency

PUP 4002 Public Policy

Syllabus (Spring 2014)     Exam (Spring 2014)     Syllabus (Spring 2015)     Exam (Spring 2015)
Texas A&M University

POLS 209 Introduction to Political Science Research

POLS 302 The Mass Media and Politics

POLS 440 Public Policies and Policymaking